Zimbabwe Muslim abuse Zakat?

    Bulawayo Muslim violates Charity/ Zakat for political mileage

    Mpopoma based Muslims have voiced their concerns over the abuse of an Islamic principle known as Zakat.

    Zakat is a religious obligation, ordering all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria to donate a certain portion of wealth each year to charitable causes. Giving away money to the poor is said to purify yearly earnings that are over and above what is required to provide the essential needs of a person or family.

    Members of the Mpopoma Islamic community and surrounding suburbs have voiced their concern that some Indian and Pakistan Muslims based in Bulawayo are now using Zakat to further their personal agendas.

    Al-Imdad a South African based Islamic charity organisation is currently fundraising to help mitigate Bulawayo’s water crisis. The well meaning organisation is said to hand over proceeds meant for Bulawayo to business man Muhammad Lunat, owner of Plus 2 Pharmacy.

    Bulawayo businessman turned Muslim philanthropist Muhammad Lunat, is said to then use the donor funds to gain political mileage.

    He is using the Bulawayo water crises to donate mineral water at mosques across Bulawayo, and he invites politicians and public figures so that they endorse him towards his political aspirations by making a public show about the donation.

    The Islamic principle Zakat does not allow such behaviour which has riled well meaning Muslims.

    A Mpopoma based Muslim who spoke on condition of anonymity said ” This is not the first time he has done this. The source went to on to say that Muhammad Lunat being the owner of Plus 2 Pharmacy is always given zakat funds from well wishers around the country and the diaspora to help the less privileged locals in Bulawayo with medicines for free when they desperately need them, but he acts like he’s using his own money and doing us a favour when we go to him for help. He treats us like we are rubbish and a burden to him and makes it a point to show that he is doing us this favour from his own pocket when it is our right. We want the well wishing public to know that this man is abusing what you entrust him with. Because we are poor and desperate this man takes advantage of us and we have no choice. These donations have lost the value of Zakat as they now have strings attached as Muhammad Lunat is seeking political influence and mileage from government officials, Bulawayo politicians and also the Muslim community across the country where he tries to portray himself as a god send and a leader.

    He added that “These donations are not coming from his personal resources. He is allowed to curry favour with public officials but he should do it using his own resources not Al-Imdad resources or the resources of other well wishers.

    Lunat is eying to link up with Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi and they are plotting to do this through Zvimba West constituency. They seek to curry favour from Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi through a water donation to the constituency. It is alleged that a donation for a truck load of water has been scheduled for late November in Zvimba West where Muhammed Lunat would like to take the opportunity to ‘bootlick’ and prove his loyalty to Minister Ziyambi so that when he asks for favours and special treatment he will be rewarded by the Minister.

    Sources close to Lunat revealed that he was eyeing a political constituency in Bulawayo and they were using the water crisis to expose ZANU PF as a failure who cannot solve the water crisis.

    However the sources were sceptical of the planned Zvimba donation. The sources said “This donation is being given to Zvimba when the money that is being raised through a fund raising scheme specifically for the Bulawayo water crisis. Why then divert the Bulawayo funds and donate to zvimba? Clearly questionable and corrupt intentions at play.

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