ZANU PF infighting saga takes new twist

    Members write letter to Former Liberation Movements

    Drama is unfolding in Zimbabwe’s beleaguered ruling party Zanu-PF. The party has blacklisted 31 senior members over allegations of plotting an extraordinary Congress to recall President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

    The 31 senior members include Godwin Gomwe, Betty Kaseke, Claveria Chizema, Tendai Savanhu and several others from Harare province.

    The 31 senior party members are also accused of assisting in the planning and funding of the 31 July demonstrations. The ZANU PF security department has linked these 31 senior members to letters which have been sent to former liberation movements seeking their assistance towards facilitating an extra ordinary Congress.

    In a statement, a Spokesperson of the save the party campaign said ” ZANU PF members have written a letter to the Former Liberation Movements requesting them to intervene in the internal affairs of the party that have seen counter-revolutionaries taking over the party and fermenting a wedge between the revolutionary movement and the masses of Zimbabwe.

    The letter, which is part of the SAVE THE PARTY Initiative, was sent to:

    African National Congress (South Africa)

    Patriotic Front (Zambia)

    SWAPO (Namibia)

    Chama Cha Mandinduzi (Tanzania)

     MPLA (Mozambique)

    FRELIMO (Mozambique)

    The matters highlighted in the letter include the following:

    Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s  adoption of neo-liberal policies which are counter-revolutionary and a departure from the revolutionary ethos of the party.

    The systematic crippling of the party by Cde ED Mnangagwa through dissolution of Provincial structures who are alleged not to favour him.

    Increased use of the state security apparatus to silence dissenting voices in the party and outside the party.

    The unprecedented use of violence against citizens which has caused a drift between the citizens and the party.

    The brazen corruption involving the First family and the subsequent arrests and abduction of journalists covering the matter.

    The systematic crippling of the party by Cde ED Mnangagwa through dissolution of Provincial structures who are alleged not to favour him.

    The witch hunting and expulsion of senior party officials.

    The SAVE THE PARTY initiative has sought the guidance of the liberation movement to persuade Cde ED Mnangagwa to lead the party towards an Extraordinary Congress where he must pave way for a revolutionary leadership to re-locate the party back to its revolutionary path.

    The Extraordinary Congress will lead to the party adopting a resolution to consult the masses of the Zimbabwe on the collective path towards realizing the ideas of the liberation struggle.”

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