Zambian MP Mutambo Offside

    Zambian Member of Parliament Lillian Mutambo

    Zambia is buzzing with the talk of Bill 10 and how it failed to sail through Parliament.

    Edgar Lungu and his Patriotic Front fell short by 6 votes in its controversial bid for constitutional reform. Bill 10 would have enabled the current head of state Edgar Lungu to change the electoral layout and take control of central bank monetary policy among other things.

    Opposition lawmakers led by the largest party, the United Party for National Development (UPND) snubbed the parliamentary session.

    Edgar Lungu’s nemesis and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema celebrated the failure of Bill 10. He said “Bill 10 was a diabolical idea from an evil regime that had sought to entrench itself against the will of the people.”

    Hakainde Hichilema’s MP for Munali constituency Hon. Lillian Mutambo joined the choir in the Bill 10 discourse. However, Hon. Lillian Mutambo took it a step further by posting a picture of Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi, the picture claims that Prophet Sovi had prophesied the success of Bill 10.

    Hon. Lillian Mutambo seems to hold a grudge against Prophets and Men of God in general.

    The picture she posted of Isaiah Brian Sovi had the date and time stamp cropped out. Cropping out the date means that we cannot verify whether Isaiah Brian Sovi did make the post or not.

    Isaiah Brian Sovi has a video on YouTube and Facebook in which he made a prophecy on Zambia. The prophecy however does not mention Bill 10 at all.

    The question then arises as to whether Hon. Mutambo digitally altered a picture to discredit Prophet Sovi? The picture of the Bill 10 prophecy only surfaced on Honorable Mutambo’s Facebook page and begs the question how did the honorable member get the picture?

    Could Hon. Mutambo be a victim of fake news or is she a creator of fake news?

    The same honorable Mutambo claims that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri holds a Zambian Diplomatic passport. She took to her Facebook page going after Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Why is the honorable member attacking Men of God?

    Word on the street says Bally is a freemason who does not like Prophets. Could this explain Honorable Mutambo’s attitude towards Prophets?

    My analysis is that Isaiah Brian Sovi is being attacked and targeted for standing firm on God’s word. UPND would want Sovi to formulate a sheepish opinion and follow all things UPND without question. Sovi is not that kind of man. Sovi stands for what God tells him to stand for. UPND should accept that Sovi speaks the mind of God which at times might be politically unpopular. That is the cross that a man of God has to bear.

    Hon. Lillian Mutambo as a parting shot, next time please verify the authenticity of the information you feed your followers. Fake news should not be spread by public officials. Its unbecoming for an honorable member of Parliament.

    Nicholas Ncube

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    Zambian MP Mutambo Offside

    Zambian Member of Parliament Lillian Mutambo Zambia is buzzing with the talk of Bill 10 and how...

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