Open letter to Zimbabwe Police Boss Godwin Matanga

    I am a police officer stationed at Concession in Mashonaland Central. As a police officer I was taught the importance of

    Pro lege, pro patria, pro populo which means  For the Law, For the Country, For the People.

    Unfortunately we have an unattainable situation in Concession which makes it difficult to serve the law, the people and the country.

    There is a group which is above the law, a group which is powerful and cannot be investigated or prosecuted.

    The group is made up of ZANU PF members who seem to be untouchable.

    Residents have filed several complaints against these gang members and every time we try and action the reports we receive calls from superiors warning us.

    The most prominent member of the gang is known as Muwandi. He has cases against him and he is a fugitive from justice. Muwandi is daring enough to walk into a police station and give orders as if he is our officer in charge.

    He has cases of assault, rape, making off without payment, damage to property, threatening people among others.

    Muwandi operates with Appollos, Somanje, Ngoma, Milisawu, Sigauke and others.

    These people are above the law in Concession and surrounding areas. As junior officers we can no longer serve and protect the people against the all powerful Muwandi gang.

    Muwandi a civilian gives instruction to police officers claiming that these instructions come from political bosses.

    As a police officer I am afraid of this gang which calls itself Boko Haram. They have no respect for the police officer’s uniform and authority.

    Something needs to be done urgently to bring back the rule of law and authority of the police in Bindura, Concession and surrounding areas.

    Pro lege, pro patria, pro populo

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